Anakaji New Capital

Looking for true happiness? Anakaji New Capital is waiting for you!
Aqar Misr presents, as usual, the most luxurious and most beautiful high-end projects, and now it is revealing its latest achievemen ts, which is Anakaji, which is built on a space of ​​20 acres, in which it put the sum of its experience s and its technical, engineerin g and material capabiliti es to produce a distinctiv e project with internatio nal designs beyond imaginatio n.

The word Anakaji means “my home” in the Nubian language, and this is what the compound was built on to be your comfortabl e home in which all the required luxury and privacy are available, in Anakaji New Capital, the distinctiv e Nubian style was mixed with modern designs to present an exquisite engineerin g model that radiates vitality and joy.

This compound is considered one of the most luxurious projects that you can find in New Capital, where you will find everything you dream of beauty and sophistica tion, all its units are simple, elegant, and modern at the same time to match the beautiful Nubian details that fill the place and the facades of the buildings are characteri zed by the overlappin g of natural colors and wood colors.

The unique location of Anakaji Compound
The company that owns Anakaji New Administra tive Capital has chosen the best place in the heart of New Capital to enjoy all the basic facilities and services around you and to be close to all the main roads and axes, and this facilitate s the process of reaching your home.

This luxurious edifice is located in one of the important areas in the capital, namely (R7), specifical ly in section (I4), which is located near several important places, namely:

The compound is about 18 km away from the ring road.
It is located close to the Mohammed bin Zayed axis and the ring road.
It is also 1.8 km from the Green River area, which is the longest chain of parks in the world.
It is located 7.5 km from the regional road.
In addition, the project is close to several main neighborho ods in the capital, namely the government neighborho od and the diplomatic neighborho od, which is the headquarte rs of embassies.
It is about 5 minutes from the service center and approximat ely 10 minutes from Al Masa Hotel and the Opera House.
It is only a few minutes away from the Opera House and the American University , which provide excellent educationa l services for residents.
It is located a few minutes away from the famous Al Masa Hotel.