De Joya Compound New Administra tive Capital

You Want Your Children To Live A Life Of Luxury Amidst The Vast Green Spaces… De Joya Compound New Administra tive Capital Is Waiting For You In New Administra tive Capital!!
The dream of living in the midst of green natural spaces decorated with beautiful water bodies away from pollution, noise, and crowding has become easy to achieve, Here in De Joya New Administra tive Capital, you will get everything you wish and dream of from luxurious features and many services to enjoy a quiet living in an atmosphere of privacy and endless luxury.

In the Spanish language, the word “de Joya” means a beautiful jewel, and here is the compound achieving this wonderful meaning through the exquisite engineerin g designs that fill the entire place, this project has a very beautiful design that mimics the attractive European character, as it is a place characteri zed by the presence of green plants and flowers spread on the facades of the buildings and around the residentia l units, resembling in its design a large, beautiful natural garden.

The location is one of the important success factors that distinguis h De Joya Compound from others, as it is in an exceptiona l area in New Capital, which makes the movement easier and faster, and many other distinctiv e features and countless facilities , and we will mention some of them in some detail in the rest of the article.

De Joya.. An Exceptiona l Location In The Most Important Areas Of New Capital!!
Living in a calm and comfortabl e atmosphere in the heart of New Capital and close to several vital facilities and the main hubs is one of the important features of De Joya Compound, as it is in the eighth residentia l area (R8), specifical ly plot (B2), It is surrounded by many distinctiv e places that we will learn about as follows:

The compound directly overlooks the beautiful river park, the largest tourist walkway in Egypt.
The project was built near several important neighborho ods, including Al sefarat district and the government neighborho od.
A short distance from Al-Fattah Al-Aleem Mosque and the Cathedral of the Nativity of Christ.
It is also about 10 minutes from the New Capital Airport.
The compound is located a few minutes away from the Mohammed bin Zayed axis.
It is also surrounded by a number of internatio nal hospitals, schools, and universiti es that provide the best important services.