Eins Tower New Capital

You Have A Golden Opportunit y To Invest Your Money Safely And Securely Inside Eins Tower New Capital, The Largest Mall In The Future Capital
EG Towers has launched its latest project, Eins Tower, inside New Administra tive Capital, which is a hotel tower designed in the elegant German style and looks at a high degree of sophistica tion, luxury, and modernity.

Its internal units are characteri zed by great views of the charming landscape, in addition to that they include all types of activities , including commercial and hotel, with various spaces to meet all the requiremen ts of the real estate market.

One of the most important features of the project is that it is located in a distinct strategic area in Downtown, which is characteri zed by its proximity to all different investment activities and all vital arteries and many headquarte rs of companies, ministries , and internatio nal banks in all its branches, in addition to its proximity to the prestigiou s residentia l neighborho ods R7 and R8 and many prominent landmarks and markets with high purchasing power, which made it the center of attraction for many investors.

The real estate developer has set unbeatable premium prices and flexible and convenient payment systems that suit all target investors.

Eins Tower’s Geographic al Location And Its Most Important Features
The geographic al location of any project is of great importance to investors, so the real estate developer chose Eins Tower location very carefully, as it is located in the most prominent areas of New Administra tive Capital in the Downtown area, which is considered the center of New Cairo, due to its proximity to many prominent landmarks such as the Green River and the Central Park.

It is also close to all diversifie d investment activities , in addition to its proximity to many government department s, schools, and universiti es, as it is a vibrant artery.

Eins Tower Project is distinguis hed by its presence in the center of the embassies and ministries area, the financial and business district, which is active commercial ly and economical ly. It is also close to the following:

It is close to the most important roads and axes, as it overlooks four main axes, including the Mohammed bin Zayed axis, the monorail axis, the Al-Massa axis, and the single rail axis. In addition, it overlooks a 90-meter wide street, making it easy to reach from every direction.
It is located near the Presidenti al Palace, the House of Representa tives, and the Cathedral of the Nativity of Christ.
It is 900 meters away from prominent landmarks such as the Green River and Central Park, which extends from the beginning to the end of New Administra tive Capital.
Close to the monorail station, in addition to the famous Diamond Hotel, 1.5 km away.
Near To New Administra tive Capital Airport.
Eins Tower is only 500 meters away from the petroleum company.
Eins Tower is about 900 meters from the Mosque of Egypt.