Fanadir Bay Resort El Gouna

Learn About The Bright And Powerful Star In The Sky Of The Red Sea, Fanadir Bay Resort El Gouna And Enjoy The Magic Of Nature…
Fanadir Bay is a resort with integrated services and public facilities . It is considered one of the best projects that include all recreation al activities . The resort is located in the El Gouna area of ​​the Red Sea; Where the project enjoys the most beautiful view of the pure seawater and the soft white sand, one of the most important features of the project is to provide all the elements of comfort, calm and luxury away from the crowds, noise, and sources of pollution.

The project was built on a very large area, and the green spaces occupied a large proportion of the project in order to give a state of calm, psychologi cal comfort, and mental serenity to the residents. The units within the project varied between apartments and chalets to suit all clients and for each client to choose what suits him according to the needs of his family and his financial condition.

The real estate developer was keen to offer a range of special prices and flexible and varied payment systems to suit everyone. Orascom presented us with an integrated tourism project and always fascinated us with the most exquisite high-end urban designs, and was able to choose a special location for the resort where Fanadir Bay overlooks directly on the sea and you can play water games and enjoy all activities Waterpark inside the most luxurious and finest tourist resort in El Gouna.

Fanadir Bay Hurghada Location
As usual, Orascom chooses the locations of its projects with great care and accuracy to ensure success and is considered one of the most important factors for attracting investors and customers.

One of the most important things that any client is looking for is a distinguis hed strategic location that is located near several important and vital places. Fanadir Bay is located in the El Gouna area of ​​Hur ghada in the Red Sea Governorat e.

Fanadir Bay El Gouna is located near several important and distinguis hed places such as:

5 minutes distance between it and Abu Tig Marina.
El Gouna Hotel is located 25 minutes from the airport.
It is about 35 kilometers from Giftun Island.
7 minutes away from the nearest hospital or internatio nal school.
5 minutes from the nearest mall.
It is about 470 kilometers away from Cairo, about 5 hours by car.
It is about 30 kilometers from Hurghada Airport.