La Capitale Compound New Capital

Looking For A New Life Full Of Luxury And Sophistica tion For Your Children? La Capitale Compound New Capital Brings You Everything You Dream About
Features of sophistica tion and grandeur you will find only in La Capitale New Administra tive Capital; It is a place that pulses with all the details of sophistica tion and beauty that attracts lovers of luxury only, so if you are one of them, this compound is what suits you and what you think of a sophistica ted future for all your family members.

To complement the beauty journey undertaken by Pyramids Developmen ts in one of its most important projects in New Capital “La Capitale”, it has designed the entire compound according to the wonderful French style that increases the project’s uniqueness and uniqueness , as well as decorating it with wonderful green spaces with a group of beautiful plants and flowers that Covering the place with an ambiance of calm and fragrant aromas.

La Capitale Administra tive Capital is built on a large space of ​​up to 13.5 acres and has a large number of unique features, including its important location in the heart of New Capital and the spaces of the units in it that suit all customers and other recreation al services and basic facilities that distinguis h it from the rest of the residentia l complexes in the region, all of this and more is offered by the developer at your fingertips , in order to enjoy a luxurious living in a beautiful and relaxing atmosphere .

Learn About The Features Of La Capitale Location
La Capitale New Capital is located in one of the most important and largest new cities, which is New Administra tive Capital, which was establishe d on an area of 170,000 acres, a huge space equivalent to the size of entire countries, and this large space allows providing all the possible services and facilities that make this area a large city with integrated features.

The project was implemente d in the residentia l area (R7), specifical ly in the plot (N2), which is in the heart of New Capital, minutes away from several important places and roads that make moving between outside and inside easy and easy, and here we will show the most important landmarks near the compound:

It is located directly on the southern axis of Mohammed bin Zayed.
It is also located in front of the famous Green River Park.
It is close to Al sefarat district and ministries .
The project is about 5 minutes from Al-Fattah Al-Aleem Mosque and the Cathedral of the Nativity of Christ.
In addition, it is not far from Al-Massa Hotel, the Opera House, the Presidenti al Palace, and the administra tive area.
It is 10 minutes away from the new capital’s airport.
It was built to be between the fairground s and the diplomatic quarter.
It is also not far from a number of other residentia l compounds, including Entrada Compound, Anakaji Compound, and La Vista Compound.