Sky Light Mall New Capital

Mardev Developmen t Gives You An Investment Opportunit y Amidst All Means Of Comfort, Luxury, And Well-Being Within Sky Light Mall New Capital

Sky Light Mall is a unique experience that has been translated on the ground as a global business model that has a large number of ingredient s for success. If you are looking for the best and most important investment opportunit ies, you must choose the mall, which is an integrated commercial and administra tive mall, and is the second project of Mardev Developmen t, and is characteri zed by its unique location in the seventh district, which is one of the most important neighborho ods in New Administra tive Capital.

The Mall offers a variety of spaces, competitiv e prices, and several payment systems for the customer to choose what suits him according to his financial capabiliti es.

New Administra tive Capital is considered one of the most important areas that include a large number of ingredient s for success and working life in various fields, most of the population in New Capital is of the upper class; Where many projects have been delivered, and this stimulates the commercial movement of shops and administra tive units and makes the projects successful ly within New Capital.

The Distinguis hed Strategic Location That Is Unique To Sky Light Mall
The Mall is one of the most important commercial projects, with its unique strategic location in the seventh district R7, specifical ly next to K2, and in front of plot j2.

It is located near several important places:

Next to Al sefarat district, the financial and business district, and the government district, Green River and Central Park.
It is located near the most important residentia l neighborho ods such as Pukka New Administra tive Capital Compound, IL Bosco Compound, and Midtown Solo New Capital.
Close to the government area.
It is close to important main roads, the most important of which is the regional ring road.
Skylight is close to the Russian University , the Internatio nal School, Expo City, and the cathedral.