Swan Lake Residence New Cairo

The Features Of Luxury And Well Being You Will Find Only Inside Swan Lake Residence New Cairo

Swan Lake First Settlement was establishe d in a strategic location in the heart of New Cairo in a special and distinctiv e way amidst the scenic landscape. It includes various services, benefits, and luxurious designs that enable the customer to live in a place of sophistica tion and luxury, which develops the customer’s confidence and enhances his credibilit y; The compound is built on a space of ​​460 acres and includes 12 neighborho ods in one central point, strategica lly combining distinct culture, urban consistenc y, and high accuracy.

Hassan Allam, the owner of Swan Lake Residence Project, has put in its plan the constructi on of the Champs Elysees Street within the project, which is a 1.3 km long promenade, and contains a number of carefully selected restaurant s to suit the refined taste enjoyed by customers, in addition to the fact that it includes luxury shops.

There are also offices in the upper floors of this park with spaces extending along the street, 30 meters wide, to manage various businesses amid a distinctiv e strategic location that creates an atmosphere conducive to creativity , and is characteri zed by its wonderful designs inside and out.

The Strategic Location Of Swan Lake First Settlement
The compound enjoys its proximity to the main areas of the capital away from the city’s noise and congestion , which facilitate s access to the ring road, and the project is characteri zed by the following:

It is about 9 km away from the American University in Cairo.
The distance between it and Heliopolis is 10 km.
The distance between it and Cairo Internatio nal Airport is only 6 km.
It is also 9 km from Cairo Festival City.
It is located close to some important projects such as the Mirage City project and JW Marriott Hotel.
Within walking distance of Misr Petroleum Gas Station.