The Annex New Cairo Trio Gardens

Discover The Splendor Of Life At The Annex New Cairo Trio Gardens

The luxury of life is to live according to the lifestyle that goes in line with our desires and aspiration s. Therefore, M Square was keen on careful planning for its most prestigiou s project, The Annex Fifth Settlement , which is a new phase of Trio Gardens; To make each client feel that the place is specially designed for his well-being and the happiness of his family.

The Annex New Cairo Trio Gardens consists of triple villas, each villa has its garden, entrance, and private swimming pool, to confirm the life of privacy and luxury for customers, The compound also includes The treehouse, which includes unparallel ed services and entertainm ent, as well as places dedicated to yoga and meditation , giving you a sense of calm and serenity in an atmosphere full of stunning landscapes and sparkling water fountains.

The Annex Compound Location
M Square Real Estate Developmen t Company has distinguis hed itself in choosing a strategic location for the constructi on of its latest project, The Annex New Cairo, in the Golden Square area of Fifth Settlement , at the highest point above sea level in Cairo, easily accessible from Suez Road or through Teseen Street, It is also characteri zed by its proximity to many of the most important vital areas as follows:

It is located just 5 minutes from the regional ring road.
It is 22 minutes from the American University in Cairo.
It is located 10 minutes from Sokhna Road.
It is located 30 minutes from Downtown Mall.
It is 25 minutes from the ring road.
It is located 25 minutes from Cairo Internatio nal Airport.
The Annex New Cairo Trio Gardens Space
The compound extends over a large space of 35.5 acres, where 75% of the space is allocated to green spaces, water features, and recreation al services, while 25% is allocated to residentia l units of the total land space.

The Annex Trio Gardens presents a new concept of luxury living, consisting of triple villas, where each group of three villas overlaps each other.

The compound features over 904 villas in contempora ry European style, each with its private garden and luxurious entrance where you can choose from a wide range of villas of varying sizes and designs, including private gardens, and optional private pools.