Services provided within Azzar North Coast project
One of the most important things that Ready Group for Real Estate Developmen t and Investment enjoys, is to provide a range of different and integrated services and facilities that serve all customers and investors within the Egyptian real estate market, as it always makes all its efforts in order to satisfy them, gain confidence and maintain complete mutual credibilit y between them, and the services are as follows:

Azzar North Coast is unique in that it is one of the projects that has its own beach and many different services are provided to customers.
The spread a number of swimming pools, which are designed in the same internatio nal style, differ in terms of spaces and types, and are suitable for all ages.
The design of artificial lakes of different sizes spread around the resort, and its waters are crystallin e and sparkle with sunlight, which reflects on the place the civilized form.
All residentia l units within the resort enjoy a distinctiv e view of the picturesqu e seashore, which is distinguis hed by its blue waters that shine with sunlight as if they are a diamond pearl.
The company has allocated a children's area within the resort that includes all the games appropriat e for their ages, and it is fully secured, in order to spend special times.
For your favorite meal, restaurant s have been establishe d in a large area, designed in internatio nal style, and supervised by the most qualified chefs.
The cafés inside the resort are elegantly designed, with perfect interiors and a calm atmosphere that makes you enjoy your favorite drink.
For more security, a number of high-level guards and trainers were appointed in order to stabilize things inside Azzar North Coast Resort.
Distributi ng a number of surveillan ce cameras, which operate 24 hours a day, to monitor the events taking place in the day and to prevent theft.
Paving car parks inside the resort to enjoy early morning exercise, cycling, and enjoying the outdoors.
A health club on a huge area and includes the spa house, sauna, and jacuzzi for more body care.
There is a sports club that includes various sports fields, including football, tennis, volleyball , and others, to spend special times with friends and play favorite sports.
Large salons for men and beauty centers for women in order to enjoy the most beautiful times and the service is provided at the highest level.
Designing a world-class infrastruc ture that includes all the various basic services, including electricit y and sewage.
The prices inside the resort are distinctiv e, which helps you to buy the unit without any financial obstacles, as it is incomparab le and uncompetit ive.
To facilitate the payment methods, Reedy Developmen t Company has introduced payment systems that help you to pay the total amount in installmen ts over many years.
In front of the sea, a special beach has been paved with a number of seating facilities in order to relax and enjoy the most beautiful times.
Inside the sea, an area was designated for practicing different hobbies, such as fishing, diving in the depths of the sea, and enjoying seeing different fish.
What are you waiting for, book your residentia l unit now within the most distinguis hed tourist resort on the North Coast, and enjoy a package of exclusive and integrated services.. ...!

Residentia l units inside the resort of
Azzar Reedy Group
Reedy Real Estate has provided many exclusive services within the resort in order to serve its distinguis hed clients, so it decided to build the project on a huge area, which was allocated aside to include distinctiv e residentia l units, which differ in terms of types and spaces, which enables you to choose the most suitable for you, as it includes "detac hed villas". Townhouses , Twin Houses, and each of them has a distinctiv e view and enjoys high-end and luxurious architectu ral designs.