Acasa Compound New Cairo
Acasa is one of the newest and most distinguis hed residentia l compounds in New Cairo. It is indeed a wonderful place that carries with it many unique features that make it a place worth living in.

The compound has many multiple services and many facilities that increase the customer's sense of well-being inside Acsa Fifth Settlement .

Among the advantages available in it is the integrated engineerin g design that took into account all the details and provided several divisions of units with various areas to enable you to choose the one that suits you, in addition to filling the place with wonderful multi-colored plants and distinctiv e green leafy trees, and many other advantages .

Below we explain to you more details about Acasa New Cairo... so follow us

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Acasa Compound location
The location plays great importance in the differenti ation of projects, as it is your gateway to an ideal place, and one of the important reasons for the distinctio n of our project is Acasa Compound, which is located in the best areas of New Cairo in Fifth Settlement , that unique area that has many multiple features.

The developer chose this place because of its many unique qualities, including its proximity to several important vital roads and private and government al institutio ns that serve the place greatly, as well as taking you to a different world of calm away from the hustle and bustle of the city and its pollution.

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The most important features of Acasa Fifth Settlement location:
The compound is a minute away from Seashell Internatio nal Hospital.
It is also not far from a number of major educationa l institutio ns, including the American University , as it is 3 minutes away from them.
As well as being 5 minutes away from the Central Ring Road.
The distance between it and New Administra tive Capital is only about 15 minutes.
It is 25 minutes from Cairo Internatio nal Airport.
This is in addition to the fact that it is very close to several major residentia l compounds, which makes its surroundin gs very distinctiv e, and among those compounds; Akoya New Cairo Compound, La Vista El Patio 7 project, Mountain View New Cairo Compound, and finally La Mirada Park Compound.