The tremendous features of Mountain Park Compound
Mountain Park Project is distinguis hed by its wonderful geographic al location, as it is located in the heart of the most prestigiou s areas of the Sixth of October, which is close to the most important roads and main axes, making it easy for you to move around with ease, and away from the crowds.
To add the charming aspect and ensure psychologi cal comfort for the residents, vast areas of green spaces and gardens have been establishe d, which occupy the largest space of ​​the project land.
Artificial lakes are characteri zed by their picturesqu e crystal waters, which are charming and attractive , and ensure that you enjoy a wonderful view.
A dancing fountain that works constantly in different shapes, and gives the place magic, especially at night when the lights are turned on in different colors.
Special places have been allocated to sit amidst the charming nature that gives you comfort and relaxation and enjoy the wonderful outdoors.
The streets are widespread by dense trees and their blooming flowers, which give the project an attractive urban appearance .
The units are varied within the compound, which helps you choose the most suitable for you and your family, and enjoy wonderful decoration s inspired by modern internatio nal styles.
For fans of entertainm ent and watching exclusive and diverse films, a cinema equipped with speakers, huge screens, and distinctiv e facilities has been establishe d.
The company that owns the project also provides you with special, non-competitiv e prices that help you to own the unit with ease and to pay the price in installmen ts for the longest possible period.
Providing a nursery for children with many teachers at the highest level to teach them to practice distinguis hed educationa l activities and internatio nal schools for all levels.
The residentia l units in Mountain Park operate on the smart system, as they are based on the latest modern technologi es, and they are environmen tally friendly, as electric energy is derived and generated from renewable sunlight that is used for lighting.
What are you waiting for?.. Seize this great opportunit y and own the best variety of units and get the best services within the Mountain Park Compound!

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Units inside Mountain View Park October and the most important spaces
Every effort has been made to implement a creative and wonderful plan within the Mountain Park October project, which contains a huge number of ideal and wonderful housing units that vary among themselves in terms of spaces so that each customer can choose the most suitable for him and in line with his purchasing capabiliti es, and the number of his family members.

Mountain Park Project includes units of the type (townhouse s - standalone villas - apartments ), each of which has wonderful designs on unique internatio nal styles, the townhouse units are inspired by the latest internatio nal innovation s from San Francisco, which is surrounded by a green space of ​​10 square meters.

All architectu ral systems have been used to reach the optimal design for families, and it contains an internal elevator to facilitate movement between the four floors. It has been meticulous ly worked to provide spaces inside, and we mention the following are the most important spaces for the units:

Townhouse Corner units: with a space of ​​220 m², while the middle ones are 205 m².
Woodhouse units: Type A with a space of ​​315 square meters, "B" with a space of ​​305 m², and "Type C" with a space of ​​255 m².
Standalone villa units: with a space ranging from 255 m² up to 280 m².
Mountain Villa corner & Villa A units in Mountain Park: with a space ranging from 240 m² up to 250 m², and a garden with a space of ​​​​1 75 m² up to 200 m².
As for Mountain Villa corner & villa B: with a space ranging from 180 m² up to 210 m²,
IVilla garden corner & middle units: with a space ranging from 175 m² up to 210 m², and apartments with a space ranging from 115 m² up to 180 m², and roof space of 205 m².
IVilla roof middle & corner: with a space ranging from 190 m² up to 210 m², and a pool house with a space of 123.5 m².
Millennial units: the ground floor with a space of 125 m² up to 145 m², and the first floor ranges from 125 m² up to 150 m², and the standard floor with a space of 150 m² and reaches 155 m².
Sky loft corner & Middle units: with a space ranging from 150 m² up to 145 m², and an attached pool with a space ranging from 85 m² up to 100 m².
Prices and payment systems announced inside Mountain Park Compound October
The prices inside Mountain Park Compound are distinctiv e, exclusive, and non-competitiv e, which the real estate developer has put forward to facilitate all customers to book the units they want without trouble, and we mention the following are the most important announced prices:

Townhouses start at 3,950,000 EGP, standalone villas start at 12,000,000 EGP, and wood houses start from 16,000,000 EGP.
IVilla units, their prices start from 2,750,000 EGP and the average price reaches 3,400,000 EGP,
As for millennial units, it starts from 1,700,000 EGP up to 2,200,000 EGP.
Mountain View, the owner of the project, has also introduced flexible payment systems that help in installmen ts the price of the unit you want for the longest possible period, and we mention the following are the most important of those systems:

The customer can pay a 10% reservatio n downpaymen t, and pay the rest in installmen ts for 9 years without interest.
There is also an exclusive offer for those applying for reservatio ns where you can reserve your unit and pay 50,000 pounds for villas, 20,000 pounds for IVilla, and 10,000 pounds for apartments .