Prices and payment systems in Silva First Group
First Group, the owner of Silva Compound Sheikh Zayed, provided many services and countless features in the project, but it was not satisfied with this amount, so it provided a distinguis hed set of prices and imaginary payment systems for more convenienc e for customers, so we find that the prices were very suitable for all groups, and varied according to the type and space of the unit provided to each customer as follows:

The unit prices start from 5,610,000 EGP.
The payment systems were very distinct and flexible, as the payment and installmen t period extended over long years of up to 8 full years, to make all the focus of customers and investors directed to choosing units with prices, spaces, and the type that suits only their own needs. First Group also introduced systems aimed at choosing customers' payment methods according to their financial capabiliti es, as follows:

A 10% downpaymen t is to be paid of the unit price, and the rest is paid in installmen ts over a period of up to 8 consecutiv e years, without interest.
After all that has been mentioned, we find that the compound is the realizatio n of the dreams of every investor on the ground, as we find that the project is integrated with all aspects, looking primarily for the comfort of the client, and gaining his trust by providing a large number of services and features that make the residents happy, both old and young, and make them do not need to leave their community under any circumstan ces, in addition to the prices and payment systems that have facilitate d a lot, so take the initiative now to book the unit that suits you.

The real estate developer of Silva Compound Sheikh Zayed
The executing company of the project is First Group, which, over 20 years, has presented a large number of different projects, and aspires to be one of the pioneers in the field of reconstruc tion and constructi on.

First Group was keen that the quality of the project be above everything , so it took care of the infrastruc ture of all projects, and took into account all the material layers of the community, and provided many units, prices, and imaginary payment systems, and the best example for us of all this is Silva Compound Sheikh Zayed, and one of the most important works Others provided by the company are as follows:

Kenz October Compound.
Kazan Mall 6th of October.
Kaya Mall 6th of October.