The Fort Mall

The architectu ral design of The Fort Mall, the new capital
The features of luxury and architectu ral creativity are evident in the designs in force in The Fort Tower, the Administra tive Capital, and this is because it is designed to be an integrated place, starting from the exterior and interior design of the place to the divisions and types of units in it.

The Fort Administra tive Capital project is divided into 2 large buildings and they are connected from the middle, and this helps that all units of the place have a distinctiv e view of more than one side of the new capital, it is worth noting that the company has taken care that the predominan t character of the place is the European style in the designs in order to feel the beauty and luxury of the place.

The Fort Tower New Capital has insulated glass facades that protect the workers in the place from any noise and allow them to enjoy the golden sunshine and also look at the beauty in the surroundin gs of the project, whether day or night.

The Fort Mall New Capital includes a ground floor, followed by 10 consecutiv e floors, with many commercial units and about 23 administra tive and medical units. The units were divided between the floors in the mall as follows:

On the ground, first and second floors, there are only commercial units within The Fort project.
As for the floors from the third to the sixth, they are for units of a variety between medical and administra tive, and there is a special entrance for administra tive units.
On the third to tenth floors, there are administra tive units of various sizes in The Fort Tower, the New Administra tive Capital.
The garage has three undergroun d floors inside The Fort, the new administra tive capital.
The spaces in place for the semi-connected floors are 400 square meters, and for the full floors, they are 800 square meters.

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Services of The Fort Tower New Capital
There are a lot of various services provided by the developer in The Fort Mall, the administra tive capital because the services are one of the pillars supporting the developmen t of the place's projects and the progress of business in it in the best possible way.

In this paragraph, we will explain to you the services and facilities in the place, which are as follows:

In the Fort Tower project, there are solar energy units that work to provide the place with the energy needed for lighting without causing any pollution.
There is also more than one hall for large conference s and seminars, which are fully equipped within The Fort Tower, the new capital.
The Fort project in the administra tive capital includes a good ventilatio n system that maintains a moderate atmosphere in the place, in addition to the central air conditioni ng in it.
The Fort Tower New Capital includes generators that operate in the event of any emergency.
There is also a fast internet service which allows working in the place easier.
In addition, there are many surveillan ce cameras that monitor all movements in the Fort Tower project.
In The Fort Tower Mall, the new administra tive capital has a guard system that works around the clock to maintain security in the mall.
The Fort Tower New Capital includes a number of elevators and escalators that make it easier for visitors to move around the project.
There is a garage with an area of ​​thr ee floors undergroun d, which provides visitors with many parking spaces and reduces crowding in The Fort Tower Mall in the New Administra tive Capital.
The presence of a designated place in The Fort Tower Mall for the presence of large cafes and restaurant s allows you to enjoy the wonderful atmosphere of the place.
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Features of The Fort Tower Administra tive Capital
There is more than one important feature in The Fort Tower Capital Mall, which would have made the presence in the place very special and added to it a number of things that customers need in their various projects, and this is what the developer was very aware of.

In this paragraph, we offer you a number of advantages that the place provides to its visitors, as follows:

At the outset, it can be mentioned that the location of The Fort Tower New Capital is one of the most important advantages of it, which plays a key role in being close to several important places in the capital and abroad.
The proximity to the monorail station is distinctiv e in The Fort Tower Mall, the Administra tive Capital because it enables the customer to reach the place and visitors as well in a short time.