Features of South Gate New Cairo
The features in South Gate Mall New Cairo are many and varied in order to get a place with integrated facilities and distinctiv e qualities, as follows:

The developer company has taken care that the mall's location is distinctiv e, close to several important places in New Cairo, and is easily accessible from several directions .
Attention has also been paid to the architectu ral design of South Gate Mall, as it has many wonderful decoration s and there are different divisions of the units.
South Gate overlooks a large green space that gives a distinctiv e look to the place and makes you enjoy the beautiful landscape around you.
Glass facades give more room to the unit and are an insulator for any noise or disturbanc e.
South Gate New Cairo includes different types of units, making it suitable for more than one type of activity, whether commercial or administra tive, and it is available in a variety of spaces.
South Gate Mall Units Spaces and Types
The mall’s space contribute d greatly to making it a special place because the company that developed it was keen to choose a large and suitable plot of land in an excellent location inside New Cairo, which helped the place to shine more.

There are many units in South Gate New Cairo, as the place has floors designated for commercial units, others for administra tive units, offices, and corporate headquarte rs as well, in addition, it includes more than one space, meaning that it allows the project owner to choose what suits his needs more.

The spaces in South Gate Mall are as follows:

The spaces of the commercial units in the mall start from 104 square meters in South Gate.
The space of the administra tive units in the project starts from 88 square meters.
It is truly the right place to start your distinguis hed project inside a luxurious mall that has all the ingredient s for success.

South Gate New Cairo Prices
As a continuati on of the multiple achievemen ts that the developer of South Gate Project was keen to include in it, which is already multiple, the company wanted to offer its valued customers a greater number of advantages that help them obtain a full-fledged place in a short time and also with multiple facilities .

The place also offers different finishing systems, some of which are fully finished, and some are delivered in a semi-finished system so that you can choose the place’s decoration s according to the nature of the project on which it is located, unlike the modern designs that have been taken care of to be present in the entire place.

Indeed, it was able to do this by offering competitiv e prices that help you easily reach the unit that suits you, and these prices are as follows:

The price per square meter for commercial units starts from 165,000 EGP.
The price per square meter for administra tive units starts from 44,000 EGP.
Commercial units are delivered unfinished , while administra tive units are fully finished.
Payment systems at South Gate New Cairo
The developer of South Gate New Cairo has been able to provide you with easy payment systems, the main objective of which is to make it easier for entreprene urs and investors to obtain an integrated unit in a distinguis hed place, which helps them to flourish their businesses .

The payment system proposed by the developer is:

The customer can pay 25% of the unit price and pay the rest in installmen ts over 8 full years.
As for the maintenanc e deposit, it does not exist, and maintenanc e expenses are paid by meter.
There is also a monthly fee for the garage.
The owner company of the project announced that the units will be delivered in 2023.
The real estate developer and previous business
Investwell Developmen t is one of the real estate developmen t companies, which has extensive experience in the field, which qualifies it to occupy a significan t place in the world of urban constructi on and constructi on, as it has been present in the Egyptian market for about 20 years, and this contribute d in the best way to being one of the major companies in Egypt.

The company offers many diverse services in the field of real estate, whether in real estate or consulting , and other things that distinguis h it from its competitor s in the field, and one of the important works carried out by the company is South Gate Mall New Cairo, which has a distinctiv e location and includes more than one distinctiv e and unique service.

And this is not the only project that the company has provided to its valued customers, but there is more than one important architectu ral work that it has done, including the following:

Kazan Plaza Project 6th October.
Avalon Project New administra tive capital.
Avalon Project New Cairo.
Project 335 New Cairo.