Eterna Healthcare City New Cairo

Eterna Healthcare City New Cairo
Book your special unit now in "Etern a Healthcare City New Cairo" the future of healthcare in Egypt!

Eterna HealthCare City offers an exceptiona l health experience in the heart of Mivida Emaar New Cairo; It provides residents with all medical services and facilities that meet all their needs, including hospitals, specialize d centers, clinics, laboratori es, radiology centers, pharmacies , and other luxury stores offering the finest internatio nal brands that suit lovers of high taste.

In addition to choosing a lively and suitable place for the project near the main roads and axes that make the process of moving from and to it easily and convenient , with very competitiv e unit prices that are the best in the region and easy and convenient payment systems that extend for many years.

Eterna Healthcare City New Cairo location
In the interest of El Motahedon Group to provide the greatest amount of luxury, well-being and comfort to its customers; You can book your unit now within "Etern a HealthCare City New Cairo" in the best locations ever in the heart of Mivida Emaar compound located in New Cairo, specifical ly on Teseen Street, and a short distance from the most important roads and main axes that facilitate the transition to and from it, as well as It is away from the sources of noise and pollution in the cities.

Among the most important advantages of the site are the following:

Eterna Healthcare City New Cairo is a short distance from the American University and the University of the Future.
From Eterna Healthcare New Cairo, you can reach Heliopolis and Nasr City within 15 minutes ro reach Eterna Healthcare New Cairo.
The distance between Eterna HealthCare City and internatio nal schools such as; Repton School is only a few minutes away.
Eterna Healthcare New Cairo is located on Suez Road, 10 minutes away from Cairo Airport.
Eterna Healthcare City New Cairo is close to El Rehab and Madinaty.
Features of Eterna HealthCare City
Many distinctiv e features distinguis h Eterna Healthcare City New Cairo from other projects, the most important of which are the following:

Attractive strategic location near roads, important axes, vital places, and service facilities in the heart of New Cairo, as well as its presence in Mivida Emaar Compound, which provides the greatest degree of luxury and well-being for its residents in Eterna Healthcare City New Cairo.
The various units within Eterna Healthcare City are surrounded by a distinctiv e landscape of picturesqu e green spaces and dancing water fountains that provide a refreshing and relaxing atmosphere .
Customizin g the Kids Area includes many fun games that entertain children and make them have a nice time.
Eterna Health Care City New Cairo is designed with amazing architectu ral styles that mimic their European counterpar ts, which are unique in their splendor and accuracy of execution.
Offering unbeatable prices compared to the services and benefits the customer receives, as well as payment systems that extend for many years to facilitate customers in Eterna Healthcare City.