The Rock New Capital design
One of the most beautiful things about The Rock Mall is the designs presented by Mazaya Developmen ts with the help of Archrete, the company responsibl e for designing the project as a whole, where the mall appeared in the shape of the letter L, with attractive shiny glass facades in bright and elegant colors, the design of the mall is dominated by the upscale French character that suits the owners of high taste, as for the interior finishes that were implemente d in accordance with internatio nal standards, which appeared in diversity and sophistica tion in terms of luxurious high entrances and decorated columns.

The ground floor is designed with a height of up to 6.3 meters.
The height of the first and second floors is 3.7 meters inside The Mall Rock New Administra tive Capital.
As for the rest of the floors, their height is about 3.4 meters.
That design was successful ly presented by the real estate developer in order to ensure contractin g with internatio nal companies and investors from all over the world, to achieve the best return on investment , and this ensures the client achieves ROI standards, this is about commercial units, as for the administra tive units, they were presented on a plate of gold with ideas inspired by the Western character of the era, which are not found in all establishe d projects.

The French company GEIS was also hired, which is responsibl e for providing clean solar panels in the mall, in order to preserve the health of customers and investors.

Unit prices provided by the real estate developer
The prices differed relative to the difference in the type of unit, whether administra tive or commercial , and also according to its location and view, but let us agree that the company that owns the project did not let the thought lead you to the fact that the prices will come the same as in the rest of the other projects, so I took the initiative to put the prices surprising prices because it is completely different from what it competes with, and Mazaya Developmen ts took care that The Rock Mall is actually comparable to the rest of the projects establishe d in New Capital to remain on top of the malls of New Administra tive Capital, and the real estate developer has provided great discounts when booking the unit during the launch period in Rock Tower.

For administra tive units, the price per square meter starts from 25,000 EGP in Rock Tower.
The price per square meter for commercial units starts from 60,000 EGP for the first floor, up to 90,000 EGP for the second floor, and 115,000 EGP for the ground floor in The Rock Tower.
The price of a square meter for collective work units starts from 40,000 EGP, and the unit price starts from 521,000 EGP.
As for mandatory rent at The Rock

The price in Rock New Capital Tower of administra tive units with a rental authorizat ion system starts from 18,500 EGP.
The prices of administra tive units start from 26,500 EGP under the mandatory rental system inside The Rock Tower New Capital.
The term of the mandatory rent system is up to 9 years in The Rock New Capital.
Payment systems available at The Rock New Capital Mall
The Rock Mall New Capital offers all its customers value for money, with many payment facilities , and flexible payment systems, to take away all financial burdens from you, and start your new investment project with a clear mind, far from anxiety and stress, and enjoy all the services and features provided by Mazaya Developmen t.

The customer can pay a 5% downpaymen t of the total unit price, and the rest of the amount is paid in installmen ts over 5 years, in equal installmen ts.
You can also pay a 10% downpaymen t of the total unit price, and pay the rest of the amount over 8 years, in equal installmen ts.
Pay 15% as a downpaymen t, and the rest is to be paid in installmen ts over a period of up to 10 years, in equal installmen ts.
All units will be delivered in 2023.
The real estate developer and his most important works
Mazaya Developmen ts, the owner and executing company of The Rock Mall, is a leading real estate developmen t company with eleven years of experience , and the company includes an excellent group of consultant s and engineers who work hard to establish a new concept of building modern projects in all areas.

Mazaya Developmen ts has been able to reach the top among other companies due to its overwhelmi ng success in its modern projects, which were establishe d with the latest technologi cal standards, and they have internatio nal designs with a special character that suits those with high taste.

Previous Projects of Mazaya Developmen ts

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Implementa tion of five residentia l projects in Gardenia Heights.
Establishm ent and establishm ent of four villas in El Koronfol New Cairo.
Establishm ent and developmen t of eight important projects in El Andalus Neighborho od south of the American University .
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