Sofitel Oia Towers

Sofitel Oia Towers New Capital
New Administra tive Capital is considered a giant edifice for a new phase of a developed urban renaissanc e, as it is the bride of new cities for what was planned and designed with the highest levels of sophistica tion and urbanizati on of all devices and companies to suit the tastes of investors at home and abroad.

As we mentioned sophistica tion and developmen t, there must be a new brand bearing all the advantages that aim at the well-being of customers, so Edge Holding launched the first 5-star hotel that has a distinctiv e position in Egypt and the Arab world, which is Sofitel Oia Towers.

In its constructi on, this project relied on the latest constructi on technology and internatio nal architectu ral designs, and the real estate developer in building Sofitel Oia Towers was concerned that the interior designs and decoration s were executed at the highest level of luxury.

All this is in addition to providing landscapes on vast spaces of greenery, water spaces, and fountains with imaginativ e designs, to provide the highest levels of comfort and recreation for all customers. The tower also includes many basic and integrated entertainm ent services to reduce the burden on residents to enjoy everything that exists.

All of these ingredient s are in addition to the real estate developer' s interest in providing distinguis hed prices that do not accept competitio n, as there is nothing at the same level of the tower, starting from the chosen location of the project and ending with the payment plans.

Sofitel Oia Towers location features
Sofitel Oia Towers is the first hotel in Downtown area with direct views of the Green River, the largest chain of gardens in the world, Edge Holding excelled in choosing a strategic and vital geographic al location in its constructi on in order to complete the degrees of perfection to its maximum limits, the tower is characteri zed by being away from places of pollution and overcrowdi ng to enjoy calm and breathe the good air.

The location is also characteri zed by its proximity to the most important main roads, which makes moving to and from the project very easy and going to more than one different direction in Cairo and neighborin g cities. The hotel is also located in the most attractive areas of New Administra tive Capital, characteri zed by activity and vitality, due to its various basic and recreation al services that the customer may need to go to, and one of the most important features of the location

One of the main roads close to Sofitel Oia project is the Cairo-Suez Road, the Regional Ring Road, and the Middle Ring Road.
Sofitel Oia New Capital is close to the most famous and largest skyscraper , and the second tallest tower in Africa, the iconic tower.
Sofitel Oia also located very close to Bin Zayed Axis.
The tower is a few minutes away from the most famous districts of New Administra tive Capital, such as the government district, the financial and business district, and the diplomatic district.
Sofitel Oia Towers New Capital is close to the largest internatio nal universiti es such as the Canadian University , the German University .
It is a short 10-minute walk from the new monorail station.
It is a short distance from the most famous hotels in New Administra tive Capital, which is the Al-Massa Hotel.
Sofitel Oia towers is very close to the Al-Fattah Al-Aleem Mosque, and the Cathedral of Christ.
The total space of Sofitel Oia Administra tive Capital Project
Sofitel Towers was built on a space of ​​22, 000 square meters, the real estate developer excelled in dividing this space to be the most suitable for breathing fresh air and enjoying the beautiful landscapes by providing green spaces that give customers relaxation and recreation , and real estate buildings and businesses occupy the smaller part of ​​the total space of Sofitel project and the rest between the water spaces and the green patch.

The feeling that you are always in the finest places that help you with limitless luxury always helps you to obtain psychologi cal comfort and luxury, and this is what Sofitel Oia Towers New Administra tive Capital has, and the ingenuity of Edge Holding appeared in the constructi on of the project with the help of Accor Egypt Consultati ons, which has an amazing precedent of works. The project consists of two towers connected to each other, containing many administra tive, medical and commercial units, as well as unparallel ed hotel units, and the tower includes five undergroun d floors, a ground floor, and 24 recurring lofts.